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Egoraptor Takes a Wizz.: Followup.


Many people are responding to a point I’ve already argued against as if I hadn’t.

The prospect of missing something or not understanding it well without subtitles is weird to me. Is it hard to listen to people say things? If you remember things written better, why not turn off the dialogue so…

I find that really odd how you feel about subtitles. In great games that are heavily dialogue based such as RPGs or Visual Novels. I like to turn the dialogue and subtitles on. Because if for some reason there was a noise that breaks me out of my experience, I can just read what the person said and still get the emotion behind those words.

Character Prediction’s To Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal

SackBoy: This is sony’s “mario” mascot! Of course he will be in! But the thing is….how? I think they might implement a system that we can put our costumes from LBP2 and put them on sackboy! It seems very likely that this will happen.

Cole MacGrath: Seems very likely since he is a famous sony exclusive character! 

Jax & Daxter: Would seem like they would both be in the game as one character. Very interested on how they fight.

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